Reload your Skills, Knowledge & Abilities!
Reload your Skills, Knowledge & Abilities!

Testimonials From Our Training

"Excellent!   Brian does a great job of explaining the “Why” when he observes topics to improve presentations.  His instructor drills are powerful"

Todd Fletcher   Combative Firearms Training, LLC



"Brian was dynamic and fluid.   Great knowledge.  Very well-structured presentation.  Very relevant info for my needs.  Great “presentation” on how to conduct a presentation.  Relevant, Realistic, and Recent"

J. Ramirez  - Denver Police Dept.



“Brian’s programs are always a ‘must see’.  Brian is one of the best facilitators in the police training business. His low key, but well presented, material is spot on. Police train the trainer programs would be so much better if they followed his lead.”  K. Davis,  Akron, OH PD  &  KD TRAINING & CONSULTING


Brian was professional, compassionate and knowledgeable.

J. Mazeski – NYPD


“This class was amazing.  It was simple information that was in front of me that I never thought to tap into.  Great example of facilitation.” 

S. Davis  Paducah, KY PD


"Brian was humble, engaging, knowledgeable, and passionate about this class.  He kept me engaged and solidified many of my own thoughts on presentations"

Sgt. J. Hockenbarger - Shawnee County Adult Detention



"Brian’s course helped me step outside my comfort zone to improve my presentations"

C. Hontz   -  Kansas City. MO PD



"Brian did a great job keeping students engaged.  He was confident with material and delivery.  He forced me to get out of my comfort zone"

M. Ford  -  College Station PD



"Brian was enthusiastic and made the learning atmosphere engaging.   He showed us how PowerPoint can be a valuable tool without being overly wordy"

P. Weber  -  Delray Beach PD




I loved the ideas given about visual aids and ways to improve as a presenter.

A Hodgkins   -  Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office




"Brian brought an energetic and refreshing perspective"

A.  Maness  Allen County Sheriff’s Office




"Lots of good info I can use to better my presentations"

J. Paskvan  - Medina County LE Academy




“Excellent Training!  Brian was able to engage the class and get them talking on a Monday morning!” 

P. McGreevy,  Michigan State Police



“This is a great program for new or experienced instructors.  The real value is the way Brian structured it to get participants to share.  Great format and relatable!”  J. Willis, Team One Network 



“Great job!  I like the more relaxed ‘slow’ pace.  I speak way too fast sometimes… Brian, you are a great example.”  D. Valone,  Alpharetta, GA PD



“Brian, I loved your presentation – Keep doing what you do. My notepad is full of ideas from your class. Thank you! ”  L. Scarry,  DeAno & Scarry, LLC



“I can tell Brian is committed and knows his material. I would take other classes from Brian.  It gave e several ideas for upcoming training issues in my organization.”  J. Smith,  Denver PD



"Thank you for for sharing your heart.  I felt it beatng from the time I walked in and sat down.  Brian is truly gifted!"

-Sheila Miller   St Lucie Sheriff's Office



“Brian did a great job of breaking down teaching disciplines and identifying creative ways to make training more effective.”   

J. Meldrum,  Washington, MI Police Academy



"Brian is humble & authentic.  A refreshing change and much needed.  Outstanding job!"

Malcolm McGuire  - Denton, TX Police Dept.



“You can tell Brian loves what he does – shows passion for helping other!”  L. Copeland, GA State Board & Paroles 



“Very approachable and friendly.  Excellent speaking skills. Also very genuine.  This came through especially when Brian mentioned his daughter.  Great class for me and newer instructors.”  A. Manfredi,  FRB PD



“Excellent.  Clearly shows enthusiasm when teaching the topic.  Brian didn’t force anyone to be put on the spot.  A wonderful class.”  J. Zapata,  FRB PD



“I hate when a class brings me out of my comfort zone.  However, this class did just that, but it was very fun and interesting.”  A. Beckelhymer,  Hamilton, OH PD



“Excellent class. I learned more in Brian’s class than week long instructor development classes I have taken in the past.  Great work, Brian.”  M. Loeslie,  University of Minnesota 


"Very thought provoking, engaging and inspirational"

-Kerry Avery  -  CEO - Odin Training Solutions Inc.




"We've all been to training that lacks 'heart'.  Brian shows how easy it is to add making the difference 'being told' and 'wanting to learn'.  Thanks for always striving to learn, tweak & freshen the material."  

-Carol Green - Canada Border Services Agency



"Brian used his instructor abilities to create an environment for the students to learn, instruct, teach and support each other to recognize our talents"

-Will Mann  -  Walworth County, WI Sheriff's Office



"Better than expected - excellent material, interaction & instruction. I found everything very informative. Very passionate about instruction."

T. McGreal - Cook County State's Attorney Investigation's Bureau



“I used this class as a ‘Tune Up’ last year. Had to come back again this year and will continue in the years to come”    

-D. Mowry -   AZ Highway Patrol



“Excellent!  This is an awesome class!” 

P. Richard,  Oakland, MI Police Academy 



"I hope to be at Brian's level one day"

-E. Whitten - Little Rock PD



"Excellent interactive class"

R. Coffman  - Suffolk County PD



“Brian is an asset to our profession. If you are a trainer and you want to become a better Instructor, do not miss his class”

-JT Cross - Three Rivers Park District Police



“This was an excellent course that gave great awareness to me about instructing. It not only provided new ideas, but it confirmed techniques that I have been using”

- L. Cleveland  -  KS Wildlife & Parks



I learned a lot from practicing skills on avoiding filler words.

S. Dulz  - Eureka, MO PD



“I thought Brian’s class was very informative. I took a whole page of notes! I really enjoyed all the quotes. I definitely needed the 'Recharge' Thank You” 

-Cpl. J. Barnett   -  Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office



 “Great class and a simple area often overlooked in training programs. This is a class I needed to find years ago. Brian was honest in his approach with the class, his own presenting skills and a good job at listening to the students as they spoke. I felt the training was strong throughout”

-J. Rood  -  Dekalb County Sheriff Office



“I was impressed with Brian the moment training started! He was enthusiastic and determined throughout the entire course! Brian is passionate about Officer Survival and Safety. His expertise encouraged us and taught us the skills we will use on a daily basis. I entered this training with 20 years of law enforcement experience and I immediately became impressed with Brian's skills, knowledge, desire and professionalism. I entered the training thinking, 'What can he show me that I don't know', and finished training thinking, 'Damn! He actually showed me some things I can do better?  I highly recommend Brian as a passionate and diverse instructor.”

-K. Fulks   -  Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept.



“The whole training built upon itself, like building blocks. It presented good information in an interactive and positive way. Brian's class added tips for improvement”

-G. Cueto   -  US Attorney's Office - Illinois


"Brian practices what he preaches.  Great student centered methods.  GREAT CLASS!!

-J. Bostain   -   FLETC



“Great Course! The exchange of ideas between experienced trainers is the most valuable of learning tools for the course. All of Brian's presentation had value”

-J. Gazzo  -  E. Tennessee Regional Law Enforcement Academy



“Loved the segment on audience interaction. Great class for trainers. Great Program!”

-J. Marx   -



"Gave me many different ideas. Very informative! Keep up the good work"

R. Leonard  - Maryland Heights, OH PD




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