Reload your Skills, Knowledge & Abilities!
Reload your Skills, Knowledge & Abilities!

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Using “Forward Vision” to Take Care of Our Own

The Effectiveness of Academy Training – A Three Country Study

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Be the smartest person in the room

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Cowardly Leaders & The Results They Bring

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The Proactive Policing Problem

Fear From Different Perspectives

Either Way, We’re Wrong

Us vs. Them: Why Now?

What Good Leaders Do


5 Lessons I Learned From the Old Timers (Veteran Officers)

Great Leaders are Great Followers

Does de-escalation endanger police officers or save lives?

To Be A Good Instructor, You Have To Be A Student

How Memory and Perception Affect Officer Recall in Police Use of Force Investigations

The Fundamentals of Supervision: It Comes Down to Basics

Ethics in Training

Your Training Legacy Begins Today

The "PC" Use of Force Policies Now in Play

6 Ways to Look More Confident During a Presentation

No Reward for a Job Well Done

Losing Any Member of The Thin Blue Line is Unacceptable

Hey Leaders! Look Behind You

Great Leaders Serve With Great Returns

Do you put the Leader in Leadership?

Four Calls for Cops

Creating A Culture Of Officer Safety

Leadership: What It Is Not

The Definition Of Suicide

13 days, 9 officers dead

Honoring the Dead by Training the Living

Leadership Starts with You

Leadership Lessons from Sgt. Harold

Law Enforcement's Blizzard Warning

40 Years of Training - Chalkboards to PowerPoint

The Routine Traffic Stop

Unpacking implicit bias in policing

Words Have Consequences

How are you showing up on the 100th time?

The Science-Backed Way To Get Better At Anything You Do

Desired Traits for the Future Leaders

It’s Time For Us All To Take Responsibility

Ask a Cop: The Realities of Law Enforcement

What it Takes

39 Extraordinary Traits of Likable People

Real Leaders Create Other Leaders

Perfect Your Public Speaking Skills Now With This Step-by-Step Guide

21 signs you're mentally stronger than average

Law Enforcement Leadership Commandments

Leading from the Front

Those Who Don’t Promote …

Short & Long Term Memory

State of the Art: The 2016 ILEETA Conference

My First ILEETA Conference
Want To Be A Better Leader? Know Your Officers The Police Officer Idiot’s Guide to Dealing with Millennials
Where is Law Enforcement Leadership? The Romans 13 Warrior

Bridging The Experience Gap: Recognizing Threats With More Time To Prepare

Trainers! It's Not About US

An FBI Agent's 5 Steps to Developing Mental Toughness You Quit, They Win
Becoming a Better Police Trainer 10 Deadly Errors of Leadership
Proudly a Patrolman; The Backbone of Any Agency PERF & It's Questionable Principles
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